Unitarian Universalist History & Heritage Society  UU History & Heritage Convocation 2010 Proceedings
Teaching Unitarian Universalism to Seminarians: A Participatory Workshop Dan McKanan Brief Description for Conference Schedule This workshop was for anyone who currently teaches, or might someday teach, a seminary course on Unitarian Universalist history, whether at a Unitarian Universalist seminary, a non-UU seminary, or elsewhere. Those who already teach such a course were invited to bring a dozen copies of a syllabus and/or other course resources to share. All participants were asked to talk briefly about their syllabi, or to share some of the questions and concerns they would bring to the teaching of UU history. We then moved into a more general conversation about the purposes and strategies of UU history courses. Extended Description I offered a straightforward workshop in which as many participants as possible shared their own syllabi for courses in UU history. My hope was to build a more collaborative community among the wide range of individuals, many of them local ministers working as adjuncts, who introduce our history and heritage to future ministers. I would be delighted to share responsibility for coordinating this workshop if others are interested.