Unitarian Universalist History & Heritage Society  UU History & Heritage Convocation 2010 Proceedings
RE-ENACTMENTS: Re-enactments are an interactive way to introduce historic personalities. The re-enactments at Convo were done in period costume, with scripts from the writings of and about the characters. There was time for interaction with the Convo participants. RALPH WALDO EMERSON WENDELL REFIOR is an Emerson scholar and re-enactor. For the past decade he has studied and taught the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Appearing in period costume, Mr. Refior has thrilled a wide array of audiences delivering Emerson’s most famous orations and sermons, including “Self-Trust, American Scholar” (Intellectual Independence) and “Fugitive Slave Law” (Ethical Rights). Mr. Refior began performing across southern New England following Emerson’s 2003 bicentennial. He has performed a one-man show for Seniors Clubs, Northeastern University Workshops, and Ladies Associations as well as delivered sermons for Unitarian Universalist Churches, bring Ralph Waldo Emerson “back to life.” Wendell was selected as a panelist for a 2001 Emerson society meeting. His is a Life Member of the international Emerson Society and served on its Board for 2007-2009. *Performance: Ralph Waldo Emerson ELEANOR FORBES FAYRE STEPHENSON served the congregation in Foxboro, MA. She has been on the staff of Ferry Beach Park Association, where she has been involved with the History Week. She is a re- enactor of Rev. Eleanor Forbes, minister in western Maine (West Paris, ME, 1923-1943, and Ferry Beach). *Performance: Rev. Eleanor Forbes
photo by Jim Nugent