Unitarian Universalist History & Heritage Society  UU History & Heritage Convocation 2010 Proceedings
Workshop: UU Heritage Moments: A Congregations’s Teachable Moments that Identify and Define Us by Pat Hoertdoerfer for the UU Religious Education History Group Brief Description. A participatory workshop that invited participants to bring a MOMENT to share. We carry the legacy of generations of Unitarian / Universalist / Unitarian Universalist forbears: founders of congregations, ministers of liberal theologies, educators of faith development, leaders of justice work, missionaries of UUA consolidation, community builders of care and friendship. In every aspect of congregational life opportunities abound to articulate a MOMENT of U/U/UU history and heritage, whether opening a board meeting, lighting a worship chalice, sharing an RE program covenant or creating banners for peace and justice projects. These MOMENTS define our ever-evolving faith and identify what our people stand for today, yesterday and tomorrow. Participants shared UU Heritage MOMENTS from their own experience. There were samples of curricula that included historical material and new ideas to take home to explore with congregants and leaders of all ages.