Unitarian Universalist Convocation • 2019 history, heritage, and liberal religious studies

Saturday - October 19, 2019 - Worship Service

Saturday, October 19, 2019 Afternoon Session

Saturday, October 19, 2019 Evening Session

2-1. Mark Harris on: Riding the Circuit to Salvation.
2-2. Kaaryn Marsh, Sankofa and Unitarian Universalism.
2-3. Barbara Coeyman, Re-Assessing Origins of Women’s Ministry.
2-4. Barbara Coeyman, takes a question from the audience.
2-5. Jo Paoletti on, “This far away . . . western country:” Cogwell’s mission to Nebraska.
2-6. Jo Paoletti
2-7. Jeffery Speaks, “A God Clothed in Our Form:” Intensifying Channing’s Iconoclasm.
2-8. Jeffery Speaks takes a question.
2-9. Conference site, the Maritime Institute Conference Center, near Baltimore, Maryland.
2-10. Jim Kelley reported on, Reverend George L. Chaney and the Existence of Southern Unitarianism.
2-11. Jay Kiskel’s presentation was on, Origins of Universalism in South Carolina 1780-1900.
2-13. Frank Carpenter.
2-12. Frank Carpenter’s talk, Channing and the Panic of 1819, covered the increasing inequality in the U.S.
2-14. John Marsh with a question for Frank Carpenter.
2-15. Moderator . . . fields a question from participants.
2-16. Stephanie May.
2-17. Dr. Christopher Cameron presents the second UUHHS talk, Black Freethought from Slavery to Civil Rights.
2-18. Chris Cameron.
2-19. Pat Montley, Plays on Principle, seven 10-minute contemporary plays exploring conflicts and crises related to our seven UU principles.
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