Connecting Our Diverse Histories to Our Living Heritage October 8-10, 2010 Espousal Center, Waltham, Massachusetts OVERVIEW OF THE HISTORY AND HERITAGE CONVOCATION The Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Convocation provided a richness of diversity in ways to present our history and heritage. The Partners for Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage (PUUHH), representing the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society, Unitarian Universalist Women’s Heritage Society, Unitarian Universalist Religious Education History Group, and the Universalist Heritage Foundation, joined with Unitarian Universalist Collegium to sponsor this Convocation.  Presenters and participants included a gathering of ministers, scholars, theological students, religious educators and congregants who cherish the history and heritage of Unitarian Universalism. This diversity is evident in the Biographical Notations for Presenters.  Invitations to present were issued to members of the sponsoring groups, academics, ministers, and religious educators.  We were pleased with the diversity of presentations submitted. The material presented followed several themes, such as: Focus on individuals Congregational history Ways of presenting history and heritage Specific organizations or trends in history Other themes of interest to the presenters The Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Convocation was held in conjunction with Unitarian Universalist Collegium, which included a theological as well as a historical focus. The collaboration of these events – Collegium and Convocation – provided opportunity for those attending the Convocation to also hear the Collegium Distinguished Scholar, Catherine Keller, Professor of Theology at Drew University.  In addition, there were events focusing on history and heritage before and after the Collegium/Convocation. Prior to starting, there was opportunity to visit Andover-Harvard Theological Library in Cambridge. At the conclusion of the Convocation, participants could stay an extra day for a tour of historic locations arranged by the Universalist Heritage Foundation.  The flow of activities is noted on the Schedule.  We envisioned various types of presentations as ways of engaging with our Unitarian and Universalist history and heritage, such as Plenary Sessions, papers, workshops, performances, and exhibits. Click on a menu link for more detailed descriptions.
Unitarian Universalist History & Heritage Society  UU History & Heritage Convocation 2010 Proceedings Photo by Jim Nugent Overview Plenary Sessions Scholarly-Papers Workshops Performances Exhibits Sunday Service Biographic Info Acknowledgment UUHHS UUHS UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST HISTORICAL SOCIETY UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST WOMEN’S HERITAGE SOCIETY
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