CONVOCATION 2016 Unitarian Universalist UUHHS Unitarian Universalist History & Heritage Society
Beyond Boundaries:

Controversies, Frontiers,and

Growth in Unitarian Universalism

Join us in the Twin Cities for a rich gathering of ministers, scholars, students, and all others who

cherish the history, heritage, and future of Unitarian Universalism.

During the 2016 Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Studies, participants will present papers,

panels/workshops, performances, exhibits/posters, as well as an award-winning sermon and


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October 27 – 30, 2016 Minneapolis / St. Paul At the Airport Hilton, Bloomington, Minnesota Together we will explore a variety of questions related to the theme: Beyond Boundaries: • Which boundaries have defined or still define Unitarian Universalism? • What can the 19th-century Western Controversy teach us about today’s controversies? • What controversies reside in and surround Unitarian Universalism today? • How do legacies of conflict and violence over “the frontier” shape Unitarian Universalism today? • Where are today’s “frontiers”? • How have Unitarian and Universalists grown in the past? • What might enable growth in Unitarian Universalism today?
Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt - President, Starr King School for the Ministry
Dr. Tisa Wenger - Divinity & American Religious History UU Advisor, Yale University
Featured Speakers

Schedule  Subject to change


10:00 am Bus Tour of UU Spaces (optional) 3:00 pm Registration opens 6:00 pm Dinner 7:00 pm Collegium Scholar Talk 1


7:30 am Breakfast 8:30 am Chapel 9:00 am Programming 10:30 am Break 11:00 am Collegium Scholar Talk 2 12:15 pm Lunch 1:30 pm Programming 3:15 pm Break 3:45 pm Programming 5:30 pm Conviviality 6:00 pm Dinner 7:00 pm UUHHS Speaker Talk 1 8:30 pm Special History Performance


7:30 am Breakfast 8:30 am Chapel 9:00 am Programming 10:30 am Break 11:00 am UUHHS Speaker Talk 2 12:15 pm Lunch 1:15 pm Programming 3:30 pm Break 4:00 pm Programming 5:30 pm Conviviality 6:00 pm Dinner 7:00 pm Special Midwest Speaker 8:30 pm Special History Performance


7:30 am Breakfast 8:30 am Worship 9:30 am Break 9:45 am Programming 11:30 am Final Wrap-up 12:00 pm Lunch

How to Join In



Register online with button above or download the PDF BROCHURE and return with your check. Many thanks to the UU Funding Panel for a generous grant that enabled this conference to be more affordable and accessible.

Scholarships Available

Support up to $150/per person for students and those with limited means We will share our meals together from Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch. Please indicate vegetarian, vegan, glutenfree, allergies, and other dietary concerns on the registration form. Pro-rated meal options available for commuters.

$99/per night per room

We have arranged for a conference rate for “the UU History Convocation” at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Hilton. To reserve a room please contact the Hilton directly at (952)-854-2100. (Rate available until September 26).

Registration & checks go to:

John Leeker, Convo Secretary Meadville Lombard Theological School 610 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60605

Who’s Coming? *

What Will I Hear?

Presenters will include ministers, lay leaders, scholars, and students, including: Dan McKanan, Sofia Betancourt, Galen Guengerich, Arliss Ungar, Jay Atkinson, Sue Phillips, Stefan Jonasson, Kendyl Gibbons, Kirsten Fischer, and many more. *Subject to change
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Listen to papers, panels, and performances that address:

• Unitarians and Universalists Moving West, 18th to the 20th century • Becoming a 21st-century denomination, and beyond • Theodore Parker • Archives in the U.S. and Hungary • Women in Ministry • UU Identity and Polity • History, Theology, and Ethics